The Importance of a Mortgage Pre-Qualification

You finally decided to become a homeowner, maybe you made the decision to upgrade your home to fit your growing family, start those much needed renovations, or even want to consolidate your debt into your mortgage. Whatever the reason behind your need for a mortgage, it is important that you are educated on the right steps to take.

Talk To An Expert
First and foremost, you want to talk to a personal mortgage advisor. Why? Because this will help make sure you are ready for that next step. By using The Rider Team, we make sure to keep you fully informed throughout the process. During your first appointment, we will fill out an application to help discuss what you can afford in terms of a mortgage. This is to avoid any disappointment when the lenders approve you.

Talking to an expert is also important to help you better understand the process of rates. Rates move all day long, every business day. If it takes you one day to find a house or one year, your pre-approval amount can change as the rates change. Therefore, we will communicate weekly on rate movements while you are searching for your home.

The Advantage
Meeting with an expert allows you to know what you can afford upfront. It also gives you an advantage when you are negotiating with the seller, as they know you have done your homework and are serious. This step is most commonly missed. My advice? Stop looking at a mortgage as a negative and start looking at it as a positive. It is the vehicle that allows you to own your own home, and what a great feeling of accomplishment that is!

Why The Rider Team?

With The Rider Team, we believe that an educated home buyer is a happy homeowner. We pride ourselves on the education we provide to you throughout the loan process. The Riders have made a constant commitment to exceed his clients expectations. While bringing a personalized approach to mortgage financing, The Riders continue to do just that.

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